Friday, July 15, 2011

That's How What Works

We recorded a new song for the Topshelf Comp. The Comp is fantastic and you can get it here:

Our song is called "That's How What Works" and it is from our new record, which we are recording right now. Here are the lyrics:

To keep from capsizing, we drilled holes in the ship.
Now I'm sketching your T-shirt and how it falls across your chest.
I'm a sub-plot in this story and I'm winding down with my faults on repeat.
We'll be better next year if we make it through this year.
I'll be better next year. I won't make it through this year.
I miss you like a metaphor for your coat missing your bedroom floor after eight weeks of winter.
Or something like that.

We hope you guys are stoked. We are stoked. New stuff soon.
<3 DICKembe.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


We're really stoked on all the attention that Chicago Bowls has been getting. We started this band strictly for fun and fully had the expectation that maybe 10 of our friends would hear it. So every time I check out bandcamp or last fm, I am pleasantly shocked. Thank you for that. I can't even begin to tell you how lucky I feel that anyone has even listened to this, let alone that anyone likes it.

About us: I am not Kenny from The Starting Line. I think this goes without saying but should be acknowledged strictly for the lols. We are all in other bands, though. ALSO we don't smoke weed. Like at all. We just appreciate good puns.

If you bought Chicago Bowls from bandcamp, we apologize. We put it up for free download and ran out of the allotted amount after 3 days. We are way too broke to pay for more downloads. Thank you though! We are happy that you are stoked enough to pay for it and we will totally give you free whatever you want when we eventually hit the road.

We made a facebook page so we could keep anyone who care in the loop. Check it.
As for more Dikembe shit, we are about 6 songs into a full length. We'll keep you updated.

Again, we can't tell you how stoked we are that you are stoked.
Steven (and the dudes)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Chicago Bowls

1. Scottie Spliffen
2. Luc Bongley
3. Micheal Jordank
4. Tony Kukush

Recorded at PARTY DEN OF SIN SATAN LIVES 666 by David "Skin Slapper" Matthews Bell.

 Art by Lee.