Friday, July 15, 2011

That's How What Works

We recorded a new song for the Topshelf Comp. The Comp is fantastic and you can get it here:

Our song is called "That's How What Works" and it is from our new record, which we are recording right now. Here are the lyrics:

To keep from capsizing, we drilled holes in the ship.
Now I'm sketching your T-shirt and how it falls across your chest.
I'm a sub-plot in this story and I'm winding down with my faults on repeat.
We'll be better next year if we make it through this year.
I'll be better next year. I won't make it through this year.
I miss you like a metaphor for your coat missing your bedroom floor after eight weeks of winter.
Or something like that.

We hope you guys are stoked. We are stoked. New stuff soon.
<3 DICKembe.