Friday, July 15, 2011

That's How What Works

We recorded a new song for the Topshelf Comp. The Comp is fantastic and you can get it here:

Our song is called "That's How What Works" and it is from our new record, which we are recording right now. Here are the lyrics:

To keep from capsizing, we drilled holes in the ship.
Now I'm sketching your T-shirt and how it falls across your chest.
I'm a sub-plot in this story and I'm winding down with my faults on repeat.
We'll be better next year if we make it through this year.
I'll be better next year. I won't make it through this year.
I miss you like a metaphor for your coat missing your bedroom floor after eight weeks of winter.
Or something like that.

We hope you guys are stoked. We are stoked. New stuff soon.
<3 DICKembe.


  1. Great music, love it !
    If you ever come to tour in Europe don't forget Flanders.
    I'll spread the word and keep up the niceness !

  2. i found you guys through the topshelf sampler. a lot of those bands on that cd are awesome, and i've found some great music. but this song is really my favorite on the cd. loving the whole vibe of the song. have it on repeat, 3 hours past and i still can't get enough of it. downloaded the previous ep of yours, love it too. fucking love this band, can't wait for the new cd coming out. whenever that may be. thank you.